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Hope the Dog

Hope is unlike the regular dogs. She’s special, quite quirky, like a teacher with paws. She runs in the rain and slurps down souffles. Hope even teaches her owner how to sit and to stay! But one day, the dog goes missing. Is Hope lost forever?

Readers of all ages will be reminded of the power of HOPE in all circumstances in this debut children’s book. Purchase here.

ISBN 978-1-7349656-0-5; Library of Congress Control Number: 2020907469

Journal of Early Childhood Education

Allison Davis, Robin Griffith & Michelle Bauml (2019) How preservice teachers use learner knowledge for planning and in-the-moment teaching decisions during guided reading, Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 40:2, 138158, DOI: 10.1080/10901027.2018.1534161

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